Face Wash For Oily Skin :- If you have oily skin then this face wash under 200 rupees will be the best


Monsoon season is very happy for many things, but if we talk about the skin then there are many types of skin infections. During this season, people with oily skin have more problems because due to humidity, more oil comes on their face and along with acne, the problem of blackheads etc. Humid weather is very bad for those with oily skin and in such a situation, what should we do if we want to pay a little attention to our skin? First of all, you must have the right cleansing routine for your skin. 

For this, it is also very important to have the right beauty products. It is important for people with oily skin to have the right face wash and in such a situation if you know what kind of face wash can prove to be good for your skin.

Dermatologist DrAanchalPanth of Dermafollix skin & hair transplant clinic has shared information related to this on his Instagram account. He has told on his Instagram account that face wash under 200 rupees can be best for people with oily skin. 

Acnovit Face Wash

Price- Rs 199

This face wash can be very good for those with oily skin as it contains salicylic acid and vitamin E. Along with this, it contains tea tree oil which is good for those with oily skin. Those with oily skin should always choose a face wash that removes excess oil from their skin even if it is not too dry. In this case, it can be useful for you. 

Lyrasol face wash


Price- Rs 160

This face wash contains benzoyl peroxide which is good for those with oily skin. This face wash can prove to be very good for people with acne-prone skin. It has anti-acne properties which help in reducing irritation from the skin. 

Lysalic face wash

Price- Rs 196 

This face wash comes with salicylic acid. It is good for the skin and it reduces the problem of oil from your skin for a few hours. It is also good for acne-prone skin.  

Keep in mind that people with oily skin need to use moisturizer after face wash. Use a lightweight moisturizer and don't put too many hands on your face with it.  

These face washes can prove to be good according to the dermatologist, but your skin condition may be different and in such a situation this face wash may not suit you. In such a situation, talk to an expert first and then choose the right face wash for you. If you have active acne on your face then you have to use face wash as well as medicated creams. Consultation and consultation with a doctor are more important for your acne.  

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