Face Care: Do not throw the cream of milk! it will help to bring a glow to the face


Face Care: If you throw cream after drinking milk, then you are making a big mistake. Its use for the face is very good. Let us know how to use it.


Face Care:  To get a golden glow on the face, if the cream is applied to the face, then you will get a lot of benefits. Apart from this, to get more shine, you have to mix some things in this cream and apply it on the face, which will benefit you. Who doesn't like a glowing face? Everyone wants to keep signing his face. In such a situation, milk cream can be very useful for you. Now it is very important to know how to apply it on the face so that you can get the benefit. So let's know that mixing with cream will make the face glow. 

Mix this thing with cream, you will get the benefit

To get a glow on the face, you have to mix 1 teaspoon of gram flour with 1 teaspoon of cream. After mixing it, apply this paste to your skin for 20 minutes. Apart from this, you can also mix gram flour in cream to get a golden glow. You will also get benefit from this paste. This paste is very helpful in the spots on the skin. 

These properties are present in the cream


Let us tell you that the cream of milk moisturizes the skin from the inside. Also, it helps remove all the dead cells present on the skin. To use it, take a spoonful of cream and apply it to the face with light hands and massage for at least 15 minutes. This will also help you. 

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. We do not confirm this.)