Eyes Care Tips: Know the advantages and disadvantages of applying Kajal in eyes...

Kajal Side Effect: Kajal is often used to take off the look of beauty. Kajal is one of the sixteen dresses of women. Even some men apply kajal or surma in their eyes. For children, kajal is applied in the eyes, on the cheeks, on the forehead and behind the ears. People believe that it makes the eyes big and beautiful. This is a surefire recipe to protect the child from the evil eye, but do you know that applying kajal or surma daily can also have a bad effect on our eyes? Today we are telling you some such points related to kajal, which can have a wrong effect on your eyes.
Do not use makeup or kajal in the inner layer of the eyes
Kajal is generally used by every woman. We also apply kajal to small children without thinking, but our eyes are very precious. And it is very beautiful even without makeup. We should take good care of them. According to experts, avoid applying kajal or antimony. Because some chemicals present in kajal can cause inflammation inside the eyes. At the same time, the use of any kind of makeup applied to the eyes should be completely avoided. This should be specially taken care of for the makeup applied inside the eyes.
Clean eyes thoroughly
If you do eye makeup, then always clean the eyes thoroughly before sleeping. Make sure to remove your makeup using makeup remover. At the same time, never use cosmetics after the expiry date. Doctors also forbid children to apply kajal. If applying kajal is very important for you, then instead of applying chemical-rich kajal from the market, you should apply natural kajal made at home.
Know what are the side effects of applying kajal everyday
Conjunctivitis This is also commonly called conjunctivitis.
Infectious allergy- If there is an infection in the eye, then do not apply kajal, because it will irritate the eye and the infection will also increase.
Chemical reaction means that the infection of bacteria is easily done.
Mascara can lead to meibomitis, style and hordeolum, ie, an infection of the glands of the eyelids, which can potentially lead to blindness.
May cause corneal ulcers, glaucoma dry eye syndrome, and conjunctival discolouration.
Some chemicals present in kajal can cause inflammation inside the eyes, which is called uveitis.
Certain ingredients can increase the pressure in the eye, thereby increasing the chances of getting glaucoma.
Daily use of kajal can lead to scarring of the lacrimal glands, which can lead to dry eye syndrome.