Eye Makeup Tips: How to use an eyelash curler in eye makeup, know here...


Eyelashes curler using tips: To make the eyes beautiful, people try different types of eye makeup. At the same time, the use of eyelashes is also very common to enhance the beauty of the eyelids. However, many times women make some common mistakes while using an eyelash curler, which can have a bad effect on the beauty of their eyes. In such a situation, it is very important to keep some basic things in mind before using an eyelash curler.


Actually, an eyelash curler is used in eye makeup to highlight the eyelashes, but it is also necessary to take some precautions while applying eyelashes, otherwise, the use of eye lash curler can also cause infection in your eyes. So let us tell you some easy tips to use an eyelash curler, with the help of which you can be able to make your eyes and eyelashes look beautiful and keep them completely safe.

Clean with a blow dryer
You can use a blow dryer to clean the germs and bacteria present in the eyelash curler. For this, set the blow dryer on a high setting and keep the eyelash curler in front of it. This will kill the bacteria in the eyelash curler and you will be able to cool it down and use it safely.

Cleaning is important
To protect the eyes from infection, it is necessary to clean the eyelash curler from time to time. In this case, you can use makeup wipes to clean the eyelash curler. For this, after applying the eyelash curler, wipe it clean with a makeup wipe. At the same time, instead of makeup wipes, you can also use a clean cloth.

Change color pad
Many times, using the same color pad for a long time does not cause eyelashes to curl. That's why keep changing the color pad from time to time. In this case, using the replacement pad that comes with the color can also be best for you.

Don't put too much pressure
Avoid putting too much pressure on the eyelashes while applying the eyelash curler. Due to this, there is a fear of weakening or breaking of your eyelashes. That's why it is always better to apply the eyelash curler with light hands softly and gently.


Avoid daily use
Using an eyelash curler every day can have some side effects on the eyelashes. Due to this, your eyelashes become thin as well as weak. That's why to use eyelash curlers only on special occasions.