Eye Makeup Mistakes: - How to avoid mistakes while doing smokey eye makeup


Almost every woman likes to do makeup especially eye makeup because eyes work to enhance the beauty of our face. If your eye makeup is good, then your features stand out. On the other hand, a small disturbance during eye makeup can spoil your whole look. Most women do simple eye makeup, but during smokey eye makeup, they make common mistakes, due to which there is a disaster with their makeup. 

If you also like to do smokey eye makeup, then avoid these common mistakes during makeup. In this article, we will tell you about small mistakes during eye makeup. Which you do knowingly or unknowingly, then, after all, let's know what kind of mistakes should not be made during smokey eye makeup. 

What is Smokey Eye Makeup?

Smokey eye makeup is a classic makeup look. You can adapt this look in black, grey, brown, shimmery silver and bronze colours. Your eyes stand out in this makeup look. 

Too dark shade 

Most women make this mistake with smokey eye makeup. If you have ever done smokey eye makeup by yourself at home, then you must have also made this mistake. This mistake can make your eyes look scary. Let's know, is this a common mistake? Many times women use dark colour shades for eye makeup.

Due to this, the eyes start looking completely black instead of a smokey look. Do not apply an excessive amount of black or brown eyeshadow during smokey eye makeup. Blend it well by applying a little eye shadow. This will not spoil your look. 


Using a shade

During smokey eye makeup, women often use only one shade, due to which their look does not emerge. If you also use the same shade, then the next time you do makeup, use at least three shades. For example, if you want to do black smokey eye makeup. So first of all apply concealer to the eyes. After this, apply light brown eyeshadow to the lids.

Apply black eyeshadow or kajal as a liner on the eyes. After this, with the help of a brush, take a blended colour. After this take dark brown eye shadow. Blend it well with black colour. Your beautiful smokey look is ready.

Patch under eyes

Make sure to apply patches under the eyes during smokey eye makeup. While doing makeup, black and brown colour falls on the face, due to which the look can be spoiled. In this case, use the patch during eye makeup. This will not spoil your makeup. 

Not using an eye primer

Often women do not use eye primer during eye makeup. Because of this, the makeup gets spoiled after some time. If you have oily skin, then you must use a primer before eye makeup.  


Not using concealer

Concealer is used during makeup to hide dark circles and blemishes. In such a situation, concealer should be used before eye makeup. This brings out the eye makeup. 

Now whenever you do smokey eye makeup, avoid these common mistakes. 


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