Expert advice: This medicine is an effective remedy for all stomach problems, its properties have also been confirmed in studies.


To ensure better health of the body, a healthy stomach is considered to be the most essential. Any kind of problem occurring in the abdominal organs can affect the overall health. Health experts say, people who have good digestion, the risk of many serious diseases is less in them. Due to proper digestion, the absorption of nutrients through food is done properly, due to which the body gets the necessary nutrients easily. On the other hand, having a disturbance of digestion can have a negative effect on your overall health in many ways. Many such medicines are mentioned in Ayurveda, whose regular consumption can be very helpful in keeping the stomach healthy. Studies mention that ajwain has natural properties that can help you get rid of many other stomach problems along with maintaining better digestion. Consuming ajwain on a regular basis is helpful in promoting the absorption of nutrients from food along with easing the functions of the liver. Let us know in detail about the benefits of celery.


Benefits of ajwain in liver diseases
Studies show that ajwain seeds can show very effective effects in the treatment of serious liver problems. In a research, scientists found that consuming a mixture of celery, chicory and barley plant for four weeks can be beneficial for patients suffering from hypercholesterolemia and other liver diseases. It reduces elevated serum liver enzymes, cholesterol and triglycerides thereby improving heart health including stomach.

Can cure stomach ulcer
Many such properties are found in ajwain seeds which can be effective in reducing stomach problems. One study found that celery extract has antibacterial properties, which can reduce the risk of bacterial infections of the stomach. A test-tube study found that celery seed extract could kill H. pylori bacteria. These bacteria are found in the digestive tract and can lead to stomach ulcers.

Prevents many types of cancer
The risk of cancer is also lower in those who consume celery. Celery seed extract has antioxidant properties, which can protect the body's cells from damage caused by free radicals. In some animal and test-tube studies, it has also been found to be effective in protecting against serious and life-threatening problems like cancer. One study found that the polyphenol compounds found in celery can protect you from cancer, heart disease and diabetes problems.


Other benefits of celery
In many studies done to know the properties of celery, its extracts and seeds have been found to be particularly beneficial for health. Research also confirms that consuming celery in moderation daily can keep you safe from many health problems.

    Liver disease and jaundice.
    urinary tract obstruction
    Effective in bronchitis-asthma.
    Effective in stopping vomiting.