Exercising for Better Sleep: For good sleep, include these stretching exercises in the routine, Know more benefits...


Sterching for Better Sleep: Stretching exercises are very important for good sleep. Not only does it help you sleep soundly, but it also improves muscle relaxation and flexibility.

Let's know which stretching exercises you should do.


Forward Fold: You can do this stretching either standing or sitting. This stretching helps in making the back and legs flexible. Also improves digestion. By doing this stretching for five minutes, along with removing stress, it also keeps the blood pressure in balance.


Sphinx Exercise: By doing this exercise, the muscles of the back are opened, but they also get strength.


Pigeon Stretching: This exercise is best for those people who work all day sitting on a chair. Doing this helps to open the stretch of the hips.


Plank: This exercise is the best to cool down yourself. By doing this exercise, the body gets a lot of rest throughout the day.


Child Pose: To do this, you have to move the arms towards the ceiling. Doing this will stretch your shoulders. By doing this stretching before sleeping, the whole body gets a lot of rest.