Exercises to reduce leg fat: - Plus-size women do these exercises to shape fat legs


What women do not do to maintain their beauty, but when it comes to body, it becomes a little difficult to maintain it, especially for plus-size women. That's why women exercise in the morning and evening. Although plus-size women can reduce their waist fat, facial fat or thigh fat with exercise, it becomes difficult to reduce leg fat.  

If you also want to reduce leg fat, then the exercises mentioned in this article can be useful for you. Although expert doctor Hitesh Khurana says that some exercises cannot reduce the fat of the legs, they can be given shape with the help of exercise. So let us tell you about some such workouts told by expert doctor Hitesh Khurana, by doing which the legs can be shaped.

Push-up exercise

You can do push-up exercises regularly to reduce your leg fat. This exercise is very useful for reducing the fat of the thighs because doing it has more effect on the legs and feet. Due to this, the extra fat in the legs starts decreasing. Although it is easy to do if you are overweight then you may have some problems.

How to do -

  • To do this, you just have to keep both your hands and feet on the ground.  
  • Then after this, you have to lift your whole body off the ground and straighten it. 
  • Then you have to slowly lower your body from top to bottom like you do a normal pushup. 
  • By doing this your bra fat will be reduced and your look will also look good.  

Balasana Exercise

Balasana can be helpful to reduce the fat on the thighs and legs. It is said that by doing Balasan, the fat of the thighs is reduced significantly because Balasan is known for body stretch.  

How to do -

  • To do Balasana, first of all, sit straight in the posture of Vajrasana, but keep in mind that your waist should be in the line of the head.
  • Then move both your hands upwards in the line of the head. But keep in mind that you do not have to join both hands.
  • Now while exhaling, move the palms towards the ground while going forward. 
  • Then keep the head on the ground as well. Stay in this posture for some time and then repeat it.

Leg raise exercise

You can also do leg raise exercises. Not only is this exercise easy to do, but you also get many health benefits from doing it. You can do it at any time but it is better that you do it in the morning, how? Let's know.

How to do-

  • To do this, first of all, lie down on the bed.
  • Then join both your feet and slowly raise the legs upwards.
  • Now you keep this posture for some time and then take your feet back down.
  • You can repeat it according to your need. 

Note- If you have any physical problems, then you can consult an expert before doing these. Their benefits also depend on your physical health.

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