Exclusive: Rising Infertility A Big Challenge, Understand The Transformation Need Of 'midwife to IVF Specialist'


If you have an inclination towards religion and spirituality, then you must have known about the great hero of Mahabharata, Karna? The same Karna who was born in virginity to the glory (not from the womb) of Goddess Kunti. Keep this thing in mind and come back from Dwapar Yuga to Kali Yuga. Now let's go back to the years two-three decades ago in which almost every woman used to have three-four children during the time of our grandmothers.


The reference to the horses of the mind running through the ages and this role is that the land on which pregnancies used to get pregnant from the offerings of Pratap and the sages, where the midwives and the women of the house used to give birth easily, on the same earth today. A large number of people in the world are troubled by the problem of infertility. It simply means that for the last few decades, we have definitely done something against nature, due to which we have to bear the consequences.

Generally in our society the word 'infertility' has been understood or used by linking it to a particular gender. But before proceeding with this article, it is very important to understand that infertility or infertility is not related to a particular gender in any way. Meaning infertility is not only related to women, this problem can happen to any man or woman. On the land of India, which used to have the power to attain the happiness of motherhood through chanting, at present, a large number of people on the same earth are facing the problem of lack of fertility. Not only this, now many couples have to resort to unnatural pregnancies (IVF / test tube baby) for the happiness of motherhood.

Statistics show that 10-15% of couples in India are deprived of the pleasure of becoming parents due to fertility disabilities. This data is certainly shocking, according to which more than 30 million (30 million) couples in the country are troubled by fertility problems. Next, we will try to understand in detail about this, what has happened in the last 15-20 years, which has affected our fertility so much that many people are now resorting to unnatural pregnancies?


Infertility is not a curse or fault
Before knowing about the causes of infertility and its remedies, it is very important to understand that infertility or problem in reproduction is not any kind of curse, defect or deficiency. The use of the word 'deficiency' in the context of infertility has been a social cause of great loss over the years. Just as there are diseases in the liver-kidneys, broken arms and legs and they can be cured by treatment, infertility is also a physical problem, which can be cured or not cured. There are other options.

The use of the word 'deficiency' in the case of male or female reproductive incapacity gives rise to psychological torture and suffering. It has been seen to have many social side effects, so it is absolutely necessary to understand that infertility is a physiological problem, which can be cured by treatment. Just as the word fall in the word 'ejaculation' has a negative effect on our mood, in the same way, because of the deficiency in man or woman, he is not able to give birth to a child'. Creates negativity in the society. Try to avoid this.