Exclusive: Are we moving towards an average temperature of 50 degrees? If you do not manage, then big challenges may arise for existence.


The scriptures say, no one knows what is going to happen in the future, except the Supreme Father Brahma, it is only an effort in the hands of man to make the future happy. But the vision of the future seen through the telescope of the present circumstances is not only intimidating, but also puts a big question mark on the existence of humans and animals. Take a look at the real future with this imaginary telescope, eyes will burn. You will clearly see the fire-spewing environment all around, the unfavorable conditions and our coming generations fighting for their existence. You may be unaware of what is going to happen tomorrow, but these visions are a mirror of the real future. The way we are playing with nature today, this vision of the future is a possible result of it. You must have understood enough by clasping hands and feet in this illusion of words that this is an attempt to draw your attention to the potential danger, of which we have been ignoring but not unaware. The issue is serious, you-us, we all together have to think seriously, not only to think, but also to try from this very moment. The issue is climate change and increasing body burning heat.


The human mind does not believe in anything until it gets a real example. Let us, for this, take you two decades ago in the time between 1990 and 2000. If you yourself are now 20 years old or less, then ask your family members about this. How was the month of April-May used to be in the 90s? There is hardly electricity in any house, AC is not a question. The day used to pass in the gardens and the hand fan was enough to beat the heat, whereas today, in the month of April-May, the AC has started sweating. Statistics show that in the 1990s the average temperature of the year used to be 26.9 °C and today in metros like Delhi-Mumbai, the day temperature in April is crossing 40. Meaning the temperature has increased by 10-14 degrees in two decades. If this pace continues, then in the next two decades, that is, by the year 2045-50, the temperature can go close to 50 degrees. Can you imagine that summer? Research suggests that our body can tolerate temperature up to 36-37 degrees, imagine what will happen if it reaches 50? What a pleasant life on the earth blazing with fire..... Leave it pleasant, is life conceivable?


Worsening year after year
Rapid increase in temperature is being recorded year after year in India. The data of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) till April 28 is mind-numbing. April has been the hottest month of this year in 122 years. The average maximum temperature in Northwest India in April was 35.9 °C, 3.35 °C above the long period average. Compared to April 2010, the average temperature of 35.4 °C recorded in April 2022 has been comparatively 0.5 °C higher. The month of April is anyway considered the beginning of summer in northern India. The situation in May-June is expected to become more serious. Director General of Meteorology Dr M Mohapatra recently issued a warning saying that the temperature in North India may cross 50 degree Celsius in the coming days.

The atmosphere of fear does not just end here. The images taken by INSAT 3D, Copernicus Sentinel 3 and a NASA satellite on April 30 are even more intimidating. According to these satellite images, the surface land temperature has exceeded 60 degree Celsius in some parts of Northwest India. From a scientific point of view, our body cannot withstand such a temperature under any condition. Such a situation is not only in India, the situation in some parts of the neighboring country Pakistan is even more dire. In Turbat in Balochistan region of Pakistan, the temperature has remained above 50 for the last few weeks. The situation is such that the wheat crop has almost got ruined due to the strong sun and heat here. The situation is such that 'the one who survives this heat will be killed by lack of food'.