Excessive Thirst: Thirst is not quenching despite drinking water repeatedly, are you a victim of these problems?


Reason For Excessive Thirst: Nowadays heat is wreaking havoc all over India, in such a situation the best and cheapest way to keep ourselves dehydrated is that we have been drinking regular water. Half to one liter of water is enough to quench the thirst, no matter how much the body sweats or feels hot, but many times the thirst does not get quenched even after drinking sufficient amount of water, what is the reason for this.

Why do some people feel more thirsty?

You must have seen that many people drink many glasses of water to quench their thirst, or consume cold juices and soft drinks, even after that the throat feels dry all the time, such a situation should not be taken lightly. Take it because it is dangerous. Let us know what could be the reason behind this.


1. Dehydration
If there is already a lot of lack of water in the body, then drinking one or two glasses of water will not quench the thirst, for this keep soaking the throat little by little.

2. Dry Mouth
Many people do not make proper amount of saliva in their mouth due to which their mouth feels dry and thirst is not quenched even after drinking water again and again.

3. Diabetes
This is such a disease which has been called the root of many diseases. One of the major problems of diabetic patients is that they feel excessive thirst.


4. Food Habits
If you are eating junk food or eating too much chili and spicy food, then it is bound to feel thirsty again and again.