Excessive Sweating: Try these tips to overcome the problem of excessive sweating

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Excessive Sweating: Sweating is common in the summer season. Our body temperature is controlled by sweating. But excessive sweating is injurious to health. In this case, you can try home remedies.

Many people sweat profusely during the summer season. Due to this many people also remain upset. If you also sweat a lot, then you can try some home remedies. This will help reduce sweating.


Wear cotton clothes – Wear cotton clothes in the summer season. Wear loose-fitting clothes of light-colored cotton this season. Light-colored clothes reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it. They protect you from heat and sweat.

Eat these foods – You can include many types of foods in your diet. You can include foods rich in vitamin A and calcium like milk and yogurt in your diet. They help in controlling the temperature of the body.


Carry a towel – People who sweat a lot should keep a soft and absorbent towel with them. With this, you will be able to wipe the sweat easily.

Use potato – Rub potato slices on the part of the body where sweating occurs more. This reduces sweating. You can use it regularly.