Excessive Sweating: If there is a problem with excessive sweating, then remove it by these methods


Excessive Sweating: Sweating is common in summers, but if excessive sweating comes out, then it is a little troublesome, then how to get rid of this problem will know in detail in this article. Who is very helpful.

Excessive Sweating: The body temperature rises in the summer season, to balance it, the sweat glands present inside the skin become active and the body starts sweating. It retains the natural moisture of the skin. Many harmful elements come out of the body through sweat, so it is also necessary to sweat a little in the summer season if it is any kind of problem. But due to excessive sweating, the level of electrolytes in the body decreases, due to which the person feels weak. Due to this people start having trouble in their day-to-day work. There are times when there is an embarrassment in the office, on trips, or while traveling. So what is the effective treatment for this problem, let's know about it.

Prevention and treatment

To prevent the smell of sweat, before sleeping at night, put some alum powder in a tub full of water and keep the feet immersed in it for a few minutes.

Rubbing a slice of lemon in the armpits will also prove to be effective to remove the problem of excessive sweating.

To avoid this problem, use good quality deo and talcum powder. Always wear cotton undergarments and take bath twice a day as well as change undergarments.

In summer, it is very important to take special care of the cleanliness of the hair because excessive sweating can cause the problem of rash or rash on the scalp.

To avoid this, use a mild shampoo to wash the hair every other day. If even these efforts do not give relief, consult a dermatologist. Nowadays, there are some special types of treatments available to solve every problem.