Enjoy the water adventure on the trip, explore these destinations in India


Traveling tips: The better feeling than seeing the sea and touching its waves is to go deep into its depths and see a different world. If you want to do a water adventure during the trip, then visit these destinations in India.

As beautiful as the sea looks from above, it looks more beautiful from below. If you want to do adventure sports during the trip, then definitely go to these destinations of India to enjoy water enjoyment.

Netrani Island: This is a coastal region of Karnataka and it is a heart shaped location, which makes it very different from other places. You can do scuba diving in the sea at this destination.


Goa: You can have interesting water-related experiences in Goa, which is famous for beach holidays. You can enjoy underwater activities at Bounty Bay, Davy Jones, Devag Island, and Tunnel Shelter Cove.

Andaman and Nicobar: When it comes to beach trips, then the thought of Andaman and Nicobar also comes to mind. Apart from scuba diving, you can do activities like water walking at this place. Be sure to visit the North Bay and Neil Island present here too.


Puducherry: It is also known as the French Capital of India. Here you can enjoy activities like scuba diving, sightseeing, and snorkeling. The food of this place is also superb.