Eid 2022: Make mehndi on your hands on the occasion of Eid, here is the latest design


At the end of the month of Ramadan, everyone waits for the sight of the moon. After which Eid is celebrated. By the way, everyone will be busy in preparations to celebrate Eid. Apart from fasting for the entire month of Ramadan, women also make preparations to celebrate Eid. From new clothes to home decor items, there is a lot of shopping. But between home and family shopping, do take time for yourself too. If you are preparing to apply Mehndi, then these latest designs can be of use to you. Which can be installed easily and quickly. So let's see some latest designs of Eid.


Arabic Design Mehndi
This design made with big flowers and leaves is liked by most of the girls. Because it is also very easy to install. Also, they get used to less effort quickly. So if you have a little difficulty taking time out from household chores, then these latest designs of mehndi can be easily tried.If you love to apply mehndi, then you can choose this type of design on the auspicious occasion of Eid. However, it will take a little effort and time to install it. But girls who like to make mehndi would definitely like to apply this design.


If you are not able to apply mehndi due to any particular reason but still want the color of mehndi to bloom on your hands. So try this mehndi design of flower leaves. The most important thing is that apply it only on the back part of the hands. They look very beautiful and also add to the beauty of hands.