Egg Side Effects: How many eggs should be consumed in a day, Know about it...


Egg Eating Side Effects: Eggs have been considered a treasure of health. The nutrients found in it help in making you healthy. If eggs are included in the category of superfood, then it will not be wrong. Anything too can harm the health. Yes, today we will tell you about how many eggs you should consume in a day and if you consume more than that quantity, then what harm can be caused to the setak (Side Effects of Egg).


Raises blood sugar
If you are a diabetic patient then consuming too much egg can be harmful for you. Eggs have a side effect on blood sugar levels by increasing the risk of insulin resistance. Such people should consume only three eggs in a day.

Increases cholesterol level
There is 186 mg of cholesterol in 1 egg. If you consume more eggs then this bed helps in increasing the cholesterol level. Due to which you may also have heart problems. Even if you already have heart problems, then you should consume the amount of eggs carefully.


May have to face the problem of bloating
Let us tell you that some people have to face many problems due to the consumption of more eggs. Like they start having problems of gas or bloating in the stomach. Actually, the egg can be heavy on the digestive system, due to which there is a possibility of stomach pain. Therefore, consume it only after keeping its quantity in mind. Therefore, if you do not consume more than three eggs in a day, then it will be better for health.