Easy Braid Hairstyles: - These top styles will beautify your complete look


Women with long hair love to make different hairstyles in their hair. Especially women like to give a new style to themselves by making a top stylish braid. Let us tell you that your hairstyle can change up to the looks of your face. 

In such a situation, if you are making a braid, then today we will tell you the style of making a braid in different ways. You can give yourself a beautiful look at any party or occasion by adopting different styles of the braid. 

Mesh braid 

  • First, you have to make a top knot at the head crown. 
  • After this, you put a pencil on the top of the horizontal ponytail. 
  • After this, keep taking a little hair from both sides and keep twirling the braid in a normal way. 
  • Finally, when you lock the braid, remove the pencil as well. 
  • By doing this your mesh braid will be ready. 

Half French knot 

  • First of all, comb your hair well. 
  • After this, take a small portion of your hair from the front and make a braid. 
  • At the same time, keep making knots by taking a little hair from the side.  
  • While doing this, make a knot till the neck. 
  • After this, put a rubber band on the remaining hair. 
  • In this way, your French knot will be ready.  

Rope braid

  • As the name suggests, the way the rope is twisted. In the same way, you will twist two sections of hair in a rope braid. 
  • For this, it is best that you do two parts of the hair and apply the gel and keep on twisting the hair. 
  • In the end, tie the hair with a rubber band. 
  • You can make braids 1 and 2 like this. 
  • In this way, your rope braid will be ready. 

Lace braid

  • First of all, decide where you want to make a lace braid.
  • Make a braid by weaving a thin section of hair well. 
  • After this, you fold the remaining hair and wrap that thin braid in the hair. 
  • In this way, your lace braid will also be ready. 


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