Easter Sunday 2022: What is the importance of Easter Sunday in Christianity? Know how and when this festival is celebrated


Easter Sunday 2022 Date: Easter Sunday is the main festival celebrated after Good Friday in Christianity. This year Easter Sunday will be celebrated on 17th April. On Good Friday, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is remembered, people are sad. On the other hand, their happiness is doubled on Easter Sunday, because people of Christianity believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected on the third day of Good Friday, the Sunday after Good Friday. People who believe in Christianity celebrate Easter Sunday in the joy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has also been written in the famous book of Christianity, the Bible, that after being resurrected, that is, 40 days after Easter Sunday, Jesus Christ lived on earth. During this he taught the disciples the lesson of love and compassion, after that he went to heaven. In such a situation, let us know today some special things related to this festival ...
What happened on Good Friday?
Lord Jesus Christ was the Messiah of love and peace. Lord Jesus, who gave the message of love and compassion to the world, was hanged on the cross by the religious fanatics of that time after complaining to the ruler of Rome. For this reason, people of Christianity remember the sacrifice of Lord Jesus on Good Friday. But it is said that Lord Jesus was resurrected three days after this incident i.e. on Easter Sunday.

How is Easter Sunday celebrated?
On Easter Sunday, people who believe in Christianity go to the churches and remember the Lord Jesus. In his memory, candles are lit in the church. Read the Bible and congratulate each other in the joy of the Lord Jesus being alive.

The joy of the Lord Jesus being alive after the death penalty
Apart from Christmas, Easter is the biggest and most important festival of Christianity. Both festivals are celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. People of Christianity celebrate Easter with great pomp and enthusiasm and congratulate each other. Easter Sunday is also considered a day of change. It is said that after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the people who tortured him and crucified him were also very repentant.


Importance of eggs on easter
Eggs have a special significance on Easter. On this day people decorate eggs. Also, give eggs to each other as a gift. The importance of eggs on this day is because the people of Christianity consider eggs as a symbol of new life and enthusiasm.