Ear dirt can be easily cleaned with these methods! Click here to know


We clean the body every day while taking a bath, but there are some parts of our body that are not easy to clean. It is very difficult to clean small parts of the body like ears etc. A person has to face various problems if his ears are not kept clean. Not cleaning the ear can also invite major diseases.


Due to not cleaning the ear, there is also a risk of ear infection and due to the accumulation of excess dirt, sometimes we feel unbearable pain and we also have difficulty in hearing. Today we are going to tell you 5 very easy home remedies to clean the ears.

This solution is as follows

Method 1: You can clean your ear dirt very easily with the help of baby oil. For this, first put a few drops of baby oil in the ear and apply cotton. This will soften the ear wax stuck in your ear in a short time and it will come out very easily.


Second method: First of all, you have to take half a cup of hot water and mix a small spoon of salt in it. Then soak a piece of cotton wool in it and squeeze the water remaining in it into the ear. Keep in mind that the water should go well inside. After that, turn the ear over and remove all the water from it.

Third method: Take an equal quantity of hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of water and put it in the ear. When it goes well in the ear, after leaving it for some time, flip the ear so that the water comes out. But keep in mind that the amount of hydrogen peroxide should not be more than 3% and water should also be in equal quantity. Even with its use, the dirt of the ear gets removed very easily.