During Shradh Paksha, these signs show that your ancestors are present nearby, click here to know more!


There are 15 days in a whole year which is known as Shradh Paksha or Pitru Paksha. These 15 days of the year are completely dedicated to the ancestors. It is believed that during this time the souls of all the ancestors and dead ancestors reach their midst to meet their family members.

During this, people express their reverence towards their ancestors and ancestors and perform rituals like Shradh, Tarpan, and Pind Daan for them so that their ancestors can get peace and satisfaction. During Shradh Paksha, when ancestors have to say something to their family members, they also give indications through dreams and some incidents. So

Let us tell you about those signs during Shradh Paksha, by which you can easily understand that your ancestors are present around you and they want to say something to you.


1- Seeing ancestors in a dream

During Pitru Paksha, if you have a dream in which your ancestors are seen, then it is a sign that they are present near you.

2- Seeing of snake in a dream

If you see a snake in your dream, then understand that your father wants to talk to you. The sign of the snake coming in the dream is that your ancestors are trying to say something to you.

3- The feeling of someone's presence

If you are completely alone in the house, yet you feel the presence of someone around you, then understand that the souls of your ancestors are residing around you. This happens only when they want to make you feel their presence.

4- Unnecessary fall of utensils during the night

If a vessel falls on its own in the night, then understand that your ancestors are present near you and they are trying to tell you something.


5- Being sick in the house

If someone suddenly falls ill in your house during Pitru Paksha, then it is a sign that your father is angry with you. In such a situation, apart from worshiping to celebrate the ancestors, you should feed the poor and Brahmins.