Dupatta Draping Tips: - Learn a new style of dupatta draping and get a princess look


No matter how beautiful the lehenga is unless the lehenga is accompanied by a beautiful dupatta, it doesn't matter. Nowadays it is not only seen in the looks of the dupatta but it is also seen in how the dupatta is draped. 

The right draping of the dupatta enhances the look of the lehenga four times. Interestingly, there are many ways of draping a dupatta on a lehenga. We have already talked to you about some ways and today we will tell you how you can get a prince look by draping a dupatta on a lehenga.  

Front drape 


If you want to give a dressy look to your lehenga, then you should drape the dupatta at the front. For this, you follow these tips. 

  • First of all, you should make plates on one end of the dupatta on the left shoulder and pin it up. 
  • Now hold the dupatta with the plates from the middle and pin up the dupatta on the right shoulder on the front side. 
  • It would be best to adopt this draping style with a net dupatta and avoid doing this dupatta draping style with a heavy-looking lehenga. 

Straight Pallu with Belt 

  • The straight pallu dupatta draping style has always been in trend. If you drape your dupatta like this and divide it with a belt in the middle, you will get a princess-type look. 
  • While draping this type of dupatta, keep in mind that you have to keep the front pallu long and take a matching belt. 


Begum Style Dupatta Draping 

By the way, this style of draping dupatta is very old. If you can carry it easily. For this follow these tips- 

  • You have to keep one end of the dupatta a little short and tuck one side of it over the other shoulder. 
  • Along with this, you have to put the other end of the dupatta on the head and hold the pallu forward in your hand. 

One Side Dupatta Draping 


In this type of dupatta draping, you have to carry the dupatta in open fall style on one shoulder only. For this, keep one end of the scarf short and the other long. This draping style will make you look majestic. 

Try adopting this type of dupatta draping style and look beautiful in lehenga. 


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