Dumbbell Exercises: Exercises done with dumbbells that give better shape to the body


Dumbbell Exercises: If you want to give better shape to your body, then you should add some equipment to your exercise like- Dumbbell. With the help of dumbbells, you can tone the overall body with certain types of exercises.

Dumbbell Exercises: If you want to get your body toned and fit quickly, then take the help of dumbbells. With which exercises from upper to lower body can be done. But doing dumbbell exercises daily is more beneficial than taking rest in between. Let us know about 5 such exercises, which can be easily done with dumbbells ...

1. Goblet Squat

For this, you will need two small or one big dumbbell. Stand straight and bring the dumbbell up to your chest and hold. Now start squatting in this position. Keep your waist straight and try to sit completely with your knees bent.

Try to put pressure on your ankles while standing. This exercise helps in toning the Thai. It is also beneficial for the upper arms as it also puts pressure on the arms.

2. Tricep Kick Back

Initially, stand straight and lean forward slightly. Now hold a dumbbell in both hands. Now keep your upper arm stable and move your lower arm forward.

Do not move your shoulders during this, this will strengthen your lower arms more.

3. Lunge

If you want to strengthen core muscles then this exercise is best for you. If you want to get more good results, then along with doing this exercise, you can also lift dumbbells in your hands.

Stand up straight. Now place your right foot in front of you and start bending both the legs from the knees. Now bring the left foot forward and take the right foot back. Repeat this exercise 20 times daily. By doing this, you will feel the pressure in the core, thighs, and hips.

4. Over Head Tricep Extension

Hold a dumbbell each in both your hands and move the hands above your head. Hold these dumbbells vertically.

Stand straight and bend the elbows towards the back so that your hands can be towards the back of the head. Do not twist the shoulders, this will help you strengthen the tricep muscles.