Due to strong sunlight, stubborn black marks started falling on your feet, then get rid of them with the help of these easy home tips


Everyone is worried about the face before the hot sun comes out in the summer, but due to bad footwear, you have got black marks on your feet, these marks cannot be easily removed, in such a situation, anti tanning cream or any other on the feet. It is necessary to apply key ointment so that it can get rid of tanning, today we are going to tell you some home tips for this, so that you can easily clean the stubborn stains of your feet. 


Aloe Vera, mix a few drops of almond oil in aloe 

vera water, massage your feet well and leave this paste for a while and then wash it with cold water, do this twice a day, it will give you tremendous benefits. 

Bulking properties are found in orange 

Apply its juice on the feet or mix its peel powder with curd and apply it on the feet, when it dries, wash it with cold water.



Turmeric is also useful to enhance complexion, mix turmeric with raw milk and massage it on your feet, raw milk is effective in reducing tanning, it will clear your feet in a few days. 

Scrub your feet by cutting a lemon  

in half a lemon, when the feet stop absorbing the lemon juice, wait for some time, after that wash the feet with clean water after drying, this will reduce your tanning.