Dreams Meaning: Seeing such dreams gives very auspicious results, wealth and happiness and prosperity will come into the house!


According to dream science, the scenes or objects that we see in dreams, many times we do not understand why we saw this thing. Some people ignore it as a normal process. But let us tell you that these dreams indicate good and bad in our life. Many times we get the indication of the arrival of Maa Lakshmi even in dreams. There are many beliefs, according to which seeing some things in a dream means that money will soon arrive in your home.


It is auspicious to see flowers or ornaments of these colors-

If you see red flowers, yellow flowers, or flower beds in your dream then it is an auspicious dream and soon there will be happiness and financial gain in your life.

Apart from this, jewelry is considered an indicator of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, if one sees jewelry in a dream, it is a sign of the arrival of Maa Lakshmi.

Heavy rain in the dream

If you see heavy rain in your dream then it is considered a good dream. This dream means that such a person will get money soon in life.



If a person sees a temple in his dream, it is a sign that you will soon become the master of wealth. Apart from this, it can also be linked to the happiness of Goddess Lakshmi.

Red saree

If Mahalakshmi is seen in a red saree or the idol is seen wearing a red saree, then this dream may indicate the coming of Goddess Lakshmi in life.