Don't be afraid of rising lemon prices, when you have these 6 cheap things, health will also benefit


With the increasing heat, the prices of vegetables are also increasing. After onion, garlic and tomato, the prices of lemon are skyrocketing. According to new reports, the prices of lemons have touched Rs 350 per kg. In many cities, the cost of a lemon has gone up to Rs 10. Rising lemon prices have spoiled the kitchen budget. In such a situation, now everyone is looking for such cheap alternatives to lemon, which can be used for soups, salads, drinks and baking. Here we are telling you 6 such things, which you can use in place of lemon in summer.


Sour curd
Sour curd lemon is a very cheap alternative. You can use sour curd to make curry. It also adds a slight color to the dish.

Orange juice
If you are not able to put lemon in the salad, then you can use orange juice. It is less acidic, sweeter and less pungent than lemon juice. The aromatic juice of orange also doubles the taste of the dish.

Citric acid
Citric acid has been found to be an effective alternative to lemon. This prevents vitamins and antioxidants from being destroyed during cooking.

Tartar powder
Cream of tartar is an acidic powder. It can be used for baking and cooking in place of lemon juice. Since it is in powder form, water may need to be added to dilute it.

Lemon Extract
This is another ready-to-use option. One or two drops of lemon extract is enough to replace 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.


Lemon zest
Grate the lemon peel and store it. It works well in desserts and food. Especially in those places where you only need to add lemon exclusively.