Does your child constantly refuse to eat anything? So follow these expert tips...


Feeding a child is the hardest thing in the world. Parents are always in the same trouble as to how to feed their children. If your child also has trouble eating food, then you can be restless by using these tips. First of all, you have to see whether your child is feeling hungry or not. Do not force the child in any way to eat. Always give simple food to the child.

The second most important thing to note is that the time of eating for children should always be fixed. So every day he feels hungry at the same time and he eats food easily. You can also give him milk or fresh juice. If your child refuses to eat home-cooked food, then stop yourself from succumbing to his insistence and anger. 

In such a situation, the habit of cooking something different for him makes him more irritable about eating in the future. Make your child a habit of eating all kinds of food.


Whenever you feed the child, do not feed him with TV and any kind of food. Antaryami Das, head of nutrition at Save the Children, explains what to keep in mind when considering a diet for children.