Do you know this big secret of 'distance telling' stones on the roadside? Learn by clicking!


Whenever we have to go from one corner of the country to another, we go out in our car or bike. But have you ever noticed that small distance-telling stones are also installed on the side of the highway, in which we see the distance written? But those stones not only tell the distance but are also colored with many colors. Very few people would know what green, black, or other colors mean on stones.

Today we will tell you what the color of the stone that tells the distance gives the message.


Meaning of green on stone:

When you are traveling on the road and during this time you see green color on the distance stone (milestone), then you should understand that you are traveling on the state highway and not on the national highway. Meaning you are on the state highway. This means that these roads have been built by the state government.

Meaning of black, blue, or green on stone :

If you are traveling on the road and you see a black color on the stone showing the distance, then you understand that you are moving towards a big city or district. Apart from this, that road comes under the coming district and all the responsibility for that road lies with that district itself.


Meaning of yellow color on stone:

If the color of the stone showing the distance is yellow, then you understand that you are traveling on the National Highway. That is, the highway on which you are traveling has been built by the central government and the responsibility of maintaining this highway is also of the central government. Let us tell you that the yellow color on the stones that tell the distance is only on the road along the National Highway.

The orange color on the stone

The orange-colored milestone indicates that you are about to reach a village or are on the footpath or side of the village.