Do you also like to take shower with hot water in cold weather? So know how it can harm the skin!


People are troubled due to cold waves and dense fog in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and other North Indian states. In winter, taking a hot shower is certainly one of the most relaxing ways to start or end your day.

However, during the cold season, it can lead to several skin-related problems, including acne and flaky skin on the body. Many dermatologists often advise people to take long showers with hot water as they damage the skin and remove its natural oils.


Restoring your body's natural oils is important if you want to protect your body from dry, cold weather. Oiliness can make your skin even more dry and flaky. The protective sebum is removed from our skin during a hot shower. 

Because of this, many people also experience dryness, flaky, and itchy skin in winter. In people with oily skin, this excessive dryness can also lead to the overproduction of oil, which can result in acne, including pimples on the face and back.

Hot baths can also irritate and inflame your skin, leading to allergies. Hot water baths can strip the skin of its natural proteins and fluidity, leaving it dry, itchy, and eventually irritated. If you already have psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea, you may be losing your skin's natural oils.


What can you do instead?

Use lukewarm water while taking a bath and not long hot showers, which cause additional damage to the skin. You can also take a quick or 10-minute shower if you are afraid of the cold. After showering, you can oil your body or apply moisturizer to lock the hydration in your body and prevent drying of the skin.