Do this work on this day for the happiness and prosperity of the house


Shadowpatra donation- On Saturday, by pouring oil in a bronze or steel bowl, all the householders should see their shadow in it, and donate one coin each to it. 

It is believed that with the donation of this coin and oil, people get freedom from diseases, happiness also comes into the house and the grace of Shani Dev remains. 


Light a lamp on the Peepal tree- By the way, worshiping the Peepal tree is especially fruitful to avoid Shani's half-century. But for the sake of happiness and peace, even if Saturn does not have half-and-half, then on Saturday, a lamp of mustard oil must be lit on the Peepal tree. 

For this, every Saturday evening, after offering water to the Peepal tree, light a lamp of sesame or mustard oil (know the importance of the lamp) and while revolving around the tree, pray for happiness and prosperity while invoking Shani Dev. 

Help the poor - Help the poor, sweepers, and victims in any way financially or physically. Due to this, Shani Dev is very pleased and the sight of Shani also does not fall on the person who gives charity to the poor or helps them. 

Worship Bhairav ​​Ji- Worshiping Bhairav ​​Ji mainly on Saturday is especially fruitful. By doing this, Shani Dev is pleased and happiness and prosperity reside in the house. 


Offer oil to Shani's sila- Offering oil to Shani Dev on Saturday is particularly fruitful. On this day, by offering mustard oil on the rock of Shani and lighting a lamp of oil, the grace of Shani remains and the house is full of wealth.