Do this work immediately as soon as you wake up in the morning, otherwise many types of problems can increase, do you know?


To keep the body healthy, we need to keep making constant efforts. Building better health of the body is a continuous process, which requires your efforts from morning till night. Our daily routine has been made in this way, which helps us continuously in this. However, the disturbance in the routine can have a negative effect on your health. From waking up in the morning and till sleeping at night, what we do, what we eat, how we spend the day, all these have a direct effect on our health. According to health experts, it is considered very important to clean the teeth as soon as you wake up in the morning. Many types of bacteria grow in the mouth overnight, which can damage the teeth and gums, so it is necessary to keep cleaning them regularly. This is the reason why everyone is advised to brush their teeth first thing in the morning. However, some people have bed-tea and many other habits due to which they do not brush. If you also have such a habit, then be careful, know about the harm it causes to health.


Tooth damage caused by bacteria
People who do not have the habit of brushing in the morning, there is a risk of many types of bacteria growing in their mouth. If you do not clean your teeth, these bacteria start forming plaque between your teeth along with the gums. This condition can lead to decay, tooth discoloration, bleeding and swollen gums. If left untreated, plaque can cause serious damage to teeth or, in some cases, damage to the roots.

Risk of periodontal disease
If you do not clean your teeth regularly, then many diseases can develop due to this. Periodontal disease is one such problem. This disease weakens the root of the tooth, causing the tooth to move and may need to be extracted. If you do not clean your mouth, there is a risk of gum pain and inflammatory conditions, which can be very problematic for you.

Risk of psychosis
Dental problems can also increase your risk of psychiatric disorders such as dementia. Research indicates that people with dementia may be at higher risk of problems related to tooth decay. According to a research review published in Neurology and Neuroscience Reports, scientists found that tooth decay may increase the risk of dementia. Regular cleaning requires special attention to prevent tooth decay.


Stomach problems
If you also have a habit of eating or drinking something in the morning without brushing, then be careful. By eating or drinking anything without brushing overnight, bacteria and plaque formed in the mouth can go into the stomach, due to which the risk of stomach related problems increases. Dentists say, eating and drinking anything, especially bed tea, without proper cleaning of the mouth and teeth can be very harmful for you.