Do these measures on this day, Hanuman Ji will be happy


In Hinduism, seven days are dedicated to one or the other deity. Today is Tuesday, June 22, 2021. Tuesday is dedicated to Hanuman ji. It is believed that by worshiping Hanuman Ji on this day, one gets freedom from suffering. 

To get the special blessings of Hanuman Ji, devotees also keep a fast on Tuesdays.

Worship is also done on Tuesdays to improve the position of the planets. Tuesday is directly related to Mars. Mars is considered to be the significator of energy. According to the scriptures, by doing some remedies on Tuesday, along with the happiness of Hanuman Ji, the position of Mars in the birth chart is believed to be strong. Know about Tuesday's remedies-

1. It is said that one should go to the Ram temple on Tuesday. Along with having a darshan of Hanuman Ji, it is auspicious to have the darshan of Lord and Mother Sita. It is said that by doing this Bajrangbali fulfills his wishes.

2. To get the blessings of Hanuman Ji, on Tuesday, he should offer rose garland or kevda's perfume during the worship.


3. Going to Hanuman Ji's temple, one should recite Ram Raksha Stotra. It is said that by doing this one gets freedom from suffering and by the grace of Hanuman Ji all the wishes are fulfilled.

4. To please Hanuman Ji, one should go to Hanuman temple on Tuesday evening and recite Hanuman Chalisa by lighting a lamp of mustard oil and pure ghee. It is believed that by doing this, Hanuman Ji makes the devotee's work worse.

5. It is said that by worshiping Peepal on Tuesday, every wish is fulfilled and Hanuman Ji makes the devotee rich.

6. In this way, it is auspicious to feed roti to the cow every day. But Hanuman Ji is pleased by giving bread to a red cow on Tuesday.

7. Keeping coconut in Hanuman temple on Tuesday is considered auspicious. It is said that by doing this one's wishes are fulfilled by the grace of Hanuman Ji.

8. Donation and use of things like copper, gold, saffron, musk, wheat, red sandalwood, red rose, vermilion, honey, red flower, lion, deer, lentil, red Kaner and red stone, etc. on Tuesday. is of special importance.

9. Chola should be offered to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday. It is said that by doing this Hanuman Ji always keeps his grace on the devotee.

10. Offering gram flour laddus to Hanuman Ji during worship is also considered auspicious. Doing this is believed to bring happiness, peace, and prosperity to the house.