Do these easy home remedies to remove the yellowing of teeth


In today's lifestyle, due to wrong eating habits and smoking, habits like alcohol have an effect on our health as well as teeth, it is often seen that after brushing daily, some people's teeth remain yellow. The color of the teeth is yellow due to many reasons, one of the reasons can be poor diet, oral hygiene and smoking, you can get back the lost luster of teeth with some easy ways 

Apples can make teeth shiny by consuming apples daily, the elements found in apples can help in making teeth strong and shiny acidic substances are found in apples, which are useful in cleaning teeth. 

Oranges are used to increase immunity by consuming oranges in the winter season but do you know that teeth can be cleaned with orange peel, rubbing orange peels on teeth can remove the yellowing of teeth Rubbing the peels of lemon and orange on the teeth immediately removes the yellowing of the teeth. 


Salt mixed with lukewarm water not only removes the yellowing of the teeth but also gives relief from gum infection.