Do not take a loan even by mistake in these three days, you will never be able to repay the money!


Nobody likes to borrow money. But every person at some point in his life has to face such a situation when he has to take a loan. But time is not the same in life and there are many ups and downs. Sometimes, when one has to take a loan against his will, such a dilemma arises. However, taking a loan to solve problems and overcome difficult situations is not a bad thing. But when a person gets buried under the burden of debt and is not able to get rid of the debt, then the problem becomes worse.

In astrology, important things related to loan transactions are mentioned, so keep these things in mind before doing loan transactions.

Do not take loans these days-

According to astrology, some days of the week should be kept in mind while taking a loan. Never take a loan on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Borrowing during these days of the week makes it difficult to repay the loan. Borrowing these days may cause a person to pay more interest than the loan.

The tenure of the loan should also be seen -

Keep these days in mind while taking a loan. In astrology, out of the total 27 yogas, three yogas are mentioned in which one should not take a loan. According to astrology, one should not take loans in Vriddhi Yoga, Dwipushkar Yoga, and Tripushkar Yoga. Borrowing in Vriddhi Yoga increases debt. By taking a loan in Dwipushkar Yoga, the burden of debt doubles and the loan taken in Tripushkar Yoga becomes three times.

Keep these things in mind while lending

Sometimes lending is more difficult than borrowing. The situation becomes that the loan given becomes difficult to get back, so keep time in mind while lending to someone.