Do not make these mistakes while combing hair after sunset, evil forces can dominate!


In Hinduism, since ancient times, there are some such works that are not considered auspicious to do after sunset. One of these is the combing of hair by women after sunset. Even in the present era, some traditions and beliefs that have been going on since ancient times are followed even today. According to the scriptures, it is considered inauspicious for women to keep their hair open after sunset.

Often you must have heard the elders of the house saying that women should not wash their hair in the evening after sunset. It is considered better for women to tie their long hair in the evening. Astrologer and Vastu consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma, let us know about this.


When should hair not be combed?

According to astrology, it is said that women should not comb their hair after sunset. It is believed that negative forces remain in the atmosphere after sunset, so if women comb their hair or leave their hair open during the night, these negative forces can affect them.

Throwing broken hair out of the house

Women are forbidden to throw broken hair outside the house at night after sunset. It is said that if you use broken hair in the wrong way at night, someone can cast a spell on you. Hair thrown out during the night can cause you serious problems.


Leave hair open overnight

Women are always advised to tie their hair at night. It is believed that leaving hair open after sunset is not good for the family.

Hair fall

Also, it is believed that if a comb falls from a woman's hand while combing at night, inauspicious news is heard.