Do not make these mistakes even on Thursday, Lord Vishnu gets angry


In Hinduism, Lord and Guru Jupiter are worshiped on Thursday. According to the scriptures, Brihaspati Dev is the form of Lord Vishnu and it is believed that worshiping and fasting Lord Vishnu according to the law on Thursday brings happiness, peace, and prosperity to the house. Along with this, Maa Lakshmi is pleased and showers blessings on her devotees. If you fast and worship on Thursday, then you should keep some special things in mind. Because a small mistake can make Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi angry. 

It is a belief that during the cleaning of the house on Thursday, garbage should not be taken out. 

Even mopping should not be done in the house on Thursday. By mopping on this day, the Northeast angle of the house becomes weak and the Northeast angle is related to the younger members of the house.

It is said that mopping the house on this day has a bad effect on children. 

If you observe a fast on Thursday, then you should keep in mind that nothing should be donated on this day. Rather, donating only yellow things like jaggery, gram, and gram dal, etc. is considered auspicious on this day. 

Hair should neither be cut nor washed on Thursday. Soap is not even used on this day. Men should also take care not to shave on Thursday.

Mustard oil or sesame oil should not be used in the worship of Lord Vishnu. Only desi ghee lamp should be used, it pleases God. 


Keep in mind that after worshiping on Thursday, offer water to the banana tree and do not eat bananas on this day even by mistake.