Do not make these mistakes even by mistake while urinating, otherwise, it can be a big problem!


Usually, most of us keep making many mistakes while urinating, completely unaware of how bad those mistakes will affect our health.

You can't even imagine how much small mistakes related to urination can harm us. It is better if urination and daily activities are done early in the morning.

Science also confirms that mistakes related to urination affect our health in a bad way. Let us know that after all what such mistakes do we make, due to which it has a bad effect on our health.

And after all, these mistakes related to urine do the work of causing harm to our body.


Use of dirty place or dirty toilet –

Keep in mind that never accidentally use a dirty place while urinating. Especially women should definitely take more special care of this matter. If you ever have to use a public restroom under compulsion, then do it very carefully, that is, before urinating, pour water on the toilet sheet well and only then urinate, and do not forget to pour water there again. Friends, you should do this because by urinating in a dirty place, you can get a urine infection as well as you may have to face many other problems as well.

Do not stop urination

Most of us have a habit that due to work or laziness many times, we do not go to urinate until it becomes uncontrollable. Please note that this is not a minor mistake. Due to the holding of urine for a long time, its bad effect falls on your kidneys. Doing this continuously can also damage your kidneys.

Excessive foaming of urine –

If you feel that more foam is being formed than normal while urinating and this is happening continuously, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Foam in urine can be an indicator of many problems. Such as information about kidney failure, urine infection, etc.

Drinking less water –

We must drink at least 4 liters of water in a day so that our body can be cleaned properly and will be able to prevent many unknown diseases from wandering around us.


Yellow or thick urine color -

Sometimes if you feel that the color of your urine is not normal, but yellow or urine is getting thick and it is happening continuously, then definitely consult a doctor. It may be that it is giving you information about some disease.

Bad smell from urine –

Even if your urine is constantly smelling too much, then you should consult a doctor and get the treatment done in time. So that you can save yourself from any big trouble.

If you are wearing tight clothes, then you should not accidentally hold urine for too long. Otherwise, it can damage your bladder. Because in such a situation there is less space for your bladder to expand, which works to damage the bladder.