Do not make these 2 mistakes while eating roti, know otherwise you will have to repent


In our country India, roti is consumed in every house and people eat it with great fervor. Roti is also very beneficial for our health because it contains carbohydrates, energy as well as many nutrients which give energy to our body and our health remains good.


The way the same bread is beneficial for us, in the same way if we do not take care of some things while eating it, then this bread can also be harmful for our health. Today we are going to tell you about two such important things, which we should take special care of while consuming roti.

Do not forget to consume hot beverages such as milk, hot water and cold drinks with roti Because by doing this our digestive system becomes weak and food is not digested properly. Apart from this, whatever food we eat, our body does not feel it.


The second mistake

While eating roti, people keep drinking water in between. Apart from this, even after eating food, drink plenty of water. By doing this the digestive system of the people gets disturbed. Apart from this, our body does not get enough nutritious elements.

According to recent research, after eating food for the absorption of protein and other nutrients found in food, we should stop for a while and drink little water.