Do lizards live in the corners of your house, so follow these tips and drive away lizards without killing them!


You can use eggshells to get rid of the Lizards

For this, keep the empty shell of the egg at such a place, from where the lizard comes again and again, after smelling the smell of the eggshell, the lizard runs away and does not come back to that place.

The smell of onion 

and garlic is also so strong that the lizard does not come to that place by smelling or seeing it. In such a situation, hang a chopped onion or garlic bud at any place where you see lizards repeatedly. Its strong smell deters lizards from entering the house.


Pepper Spray

Make black pepper powder and mix it in water and put this solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the place where lizards usually come. By doing this, the lizard does not come to that place and makes a distance from there.

Peacock Feathers 

Peacock feathers can be a great option to get rid of lizards. Peacocks eat lizards, that is why the lizard runs away after seeing the smell of peacock feathers and never comes back to that place. In such a situation, keep peacock feathers in those places of your house, from where lizards come, it will also enhance the beauty of your house appearance and this will also keep lizards away.



 Keep a few naphthalene balls around your house in every drawer, cupboard, or corner. Lizards find the pungent smell of these naphthalene balls irritating and stay away from that place.


To get rid of lizards, shells made from a mixture of coffee and tobacco are very effective. You can keep these balls in every corner of the house. You will see that the lizards run away from it.