Divyanka looks very beautiful even with no makeup look, know what is the beauty secret of TV actress


Divyanka Tripathi gets a lot of love from the audience. People do not get tired of praising her beauty. Apart from the skincare routine, Divyanka has also left her favorite things to make her skin beautiful. Know here the secret of Divyanka Tripathi’s beauty.

Tv actress Divyanka Tripathi has been in the world of showbiz for more than 15 years, but with time, her beauty is also increasing. Divyanka often shares her videos and photos on social media, in which her skin looks glowing and flawless even with a no-makeup look. But Divyanka did not get this beauty just like that. For this, along with following the skincare routine, he has also removed favorite things from his diet. If you also want to look beautiful like Divyanka, then these beauty tips of her can be helpful for you.

Most herbal products used

Divyanka does not like to compromise on her skin. She mostly uses herbal products to keep her skin healthy. Apart from this, whenever she goes on a shoot, she uses moisturizer and toner. After returning from work, she cleans her face with a cleansing lotion, followed by a face wash. Then use moisturizer and toner. Divyanka believes that whether you want to go out of the house or not, before sleeping, definitely clean the skin and use moisturizer and toner.

Take healthy diet

Divyanka believes that the skin cannot be made healthy by relying only on the product, for this, you also need a healthy diet. Divyanka mostly likes to eat raw things like salad, fruits, etc. Apart from this, in addition to facemask, moisturizer, and toner, she also uses raw fruit juice and raw milk on the skin. Divyanka may have to makeup according to the camera during the shooting, but in real life, she does not like heavy makeup. She likes to do light make-up and for this also uses natural things.

Favorite tea left for beauty

Divyanka had told in an interview that she had a habit of drinking 8 to 10 cups of tea in a day. But there came a time when he had to give up tea. The difference between quitting tea started showing on his skin in no time. Divyanka says that drinking more tea creates heat inside the body, as well as sugar increases the IGF1 hormone, which upsets the balance of the body. Due to this, the problem of pimples starts. On the other hand, drinking more tea makes your skin look dull and lifeless. The sugar present in tea makes you old before age. If you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing, then stop drinking tea. Apart from this, eat less sweet things too.