Difference between Night cream and Sleep mask: - What is the difference between a night cream and a sleep mask, know here


When it comes to skincare, a night skincare routine is very important. The skin is in relaxing mode at night and hence whatever you apply to your skin, you get to see better and quicker results. In such a situation, women should not only follow a good night care routine but also choose skin care products wisely.

Generally, women prefer to apply night cream at night time. At the same time, the use of sleeping masks has also increased a lot in recent times. Since both of these are meant to be applied overnight, most women are confused as to which one they should choose. Also, they do not even know what the difference between these two products is. So today in this article we are telling you about the difference between a sleeping mask and night cream-

What is Night Cream?

Night creams are actually like moisturizers, whose main function is to nourish and hydrate the skin. When women include night cream in their night care routine, it helps them to make their skin more youthful. Not only does it help repair the skin, but it also can reduce the visibility of those fine lines and wrinkles.

Night creams are slightly different from day creams. Generally, it is a bit thicker and contains retinol etc., which helps in taking better care of the skin. There are separate night creams available in the market and they are specially designed to be applied at night only. If night cream is applied on the skin during the day, then it can also lead to reverse effects.

What are sleeping masks?

Sleeping masks are similar to masks, but they are left on the skin overnight. These sleeping masks are slightly lighter and have a lightweight gel or cream formula, which absorbs better into the skin overnight. Some active ingredients are found in sleep masks, which help in anti-ageing, brightening, moisturizing or fighting breakouts, etc.

Generally, sleeping masks are used when your skin needs extra care. They are far more potent than your night cream and work as an SOS booster to make your skin glow. You can use it the night before for glowing skin the next morning. Here you should keep in mind that excessive use of sleep masks can cause skin irritation.

How to use

Both of them work on the skin andcares to affect the skin in their way and hence it would be wrong to say that one is better than the other. However, it is necessary to use them properly to get the maximum benefit from them. For example, when you want to take care of the skin regularly, then choose a night cream. At the same time, use a sleeping mask once a week to give extra nourishment to the skin and make it glowing. 

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