Diabetes Precautions: Diabetes can affect many important organs of the body, take these measures to prevent


Diabetes Precautions: Diabetes is a problem that can give rise to many other diseases, so do not make the mistake of taking it lightly. So if you are also struggling with this problem, then follow these measures for the proper function of the rest of the body.

Diabetes Precaution: Diabetes is a very serious problem that, if not controlled in time, starts affecting other parts of the body as well. One after the other the problems started. Along with the eyes, kidneys, heart, and brain, which other organs can be affected due to diabetes, let's know about them as well as preventive measures.

1. Can affect the feet

In diabetes, fat and calcium accumulate in the veins of the feet, due to which they start shrinking and their membranes become weak. Due to this, the flow of blood in the legs is not done properly. For this reason, diabetic patients see symptoms like tingling, burning, and pain in the feet. Many people have numb feet. Similarly, symptoms like cracking of the heels and dryness in the skin of the feet are also seen. Because due to such a problem, the blood vessels of the feet get blocked, due to which the fingers turn black and they do not feel the touch. Such a physical condition is called diabetic neuropathy. Even after the injury to the feet, the patient does not feel pain, but the wounds continue to form in the feet. In such a situation, many times the fingers of the feet or when the infection progresses, there is a chance of cutting off the entire leg.

How to prevent: Walk at least 5-6 km daily, due to this the supply of blood is done properly. Always keep your feet clean. After drying them thoroughly, apply a good quality foot cream to prevent cracking.

2. Immune system starts getting weak

You must have also noticed that the healing of diabetics is delayed in comparison to normal people due to injury, skin cut, or any kind of infection. When there is such a problem, the white blood cells that increase immunity do not work properly and their number also starts decreasing.

How to prevent: To increase immunity, include vitamin C-rich citrus fruits like lemon, amla, orange, etc. prominently in your diet, and consume green vegetables and pulses in sufficient quantity.

3. Risk of kidney damage

Due to diabetes, the increased amount of sugar in the blood gradually starts destroying the fine blood vessel tubes of the kidney. Due to this its efficiency starts to decline.

How to prevent: However, people who have had diabetes for a long time are more prone to kidney failure. Therefore, to keep it safe, after having diabetes, do regular KFT (Kidney Function Test) along with sugar level from the beginning and consult a nephrologist if needed. If the problem is identified in the early stages, it can be controlled with the help of medicines. Otherwise, it may also require expensive treatment like dialysis or kidney transplant in case of delay.