Diabetes Diet: These flour chapatis is beneficial for diabetes patients, include it in the diet today itself...


Diabetes Diet: Diabetes patients are increasing due to changing lifestyles and unhealthy foods. This disease affects health badly, but sugar can be controlled by making changes in lifestyle and diet. Diabetes patients are advised to eat protein and fiber-rich foods, as well as avoid eating sweet things to keep blood sugar normal. There are many options for roti in a diabetes diet. If you are a diabetic patient, you can use these four types of flour instead of wheat flour. Let's find out...


1. Barley flour
Barley flour is very helpful in keeping the body fit as compared to wheat flour. High amounts of protein, calcium, and dietary fibers are found in it. Which are beneficial for diabetes patients. It helps in controlling the sugar level. Roti, paratha, porridge, etc. made from barley flour can be included in a diabetes diet.

2. Ragi flour
Ragi is a rich source of fiber. Diabetic patients can include ragi flour bread in their diet. It helps in keeping blood sugar normal, as well as weight can be controlled by its use. Consumption of ragi makes the stomach feel full for a longer time, and you avoid overeating.

3. Buckwheat flour
Buckwheat flour can also be included in the diabetes diet. The bread made of this flour is very beneficial for patients with diabetes, as well as it is also helpful in weight control.


4. Gram flour
The glycemic index of gram flour is low. It is considered very beneficial for diabetes patients. It helps in keeping the sugar level normal. Gram-flour bread can be included in a diabetes diet.