Detox Drink: These detox drinks will help in weight loss and the body will remain cool, know here...


The moisture level rises in the rain. But the sultry heat makes the body miserable. Therefore, like summer, in this season too, beverages should be drunk in maximum quantity. Which keeps refreshing. At the same time, these beverages also help in controlling body weight. So let's know the recipe of some such detox drinks, which detox the body by taking out the toxins of the body.


These detox drinks help a lot in weight loss. Along with this, the body also remains refreshed. Orange juice is quite refreshing and is rich in Vitamin C. To make a detox drink from oranges, cut an orange and place it in a glass. And put black salt with water in it. When it cools down, drink it. This will help in refreshing the body and will also get rid of the sultry heat.

Cucumber drink
Cucumber removes the lack of water in summer. You can make it as a detox drink. Crush cucumber, black salt and lemon together. And fill it with water. Drink this drink whenever you feel thirsty. It will refresh the body as well as quench the thirst.

Apple and Cinnamon Drink
Cinnamon and apple burn the extra fat of the body. Whenever you want to make a detox drink, cut an apple and put it in water. Also add a piece of cinnamon. Leave it in the water for at least half an hour. Then drink this water. This drink helps a lot to lose weight.


Lemon Ginger Detox Drink
There are many benefits to drinking this drink after a meal. To make it, put lemon, ginger and mint in a glass or bottle. By drinking this, the body gets refreshed and the digestive system is also fine.