Design old jeans like this: - Jeans are old so give them a trendy look like this


Because of its texture and fabric, people carry jeans for years. But after a while the jeans start looking old, their colour fades and the cloth also becomes loose. In such a situation, most people stop wearing those jeans or donate those jeans to someone. 

Whereas, if you want, you can do a lot to give a new look to your old jeans. Today we will give you some such easy and interesting ideas, from which you will know that you can recreate old jeans and give them a new look. 

Let us tell you that the easiest and most creative way is to paint in jeans. What and how you can paint let us tell you. 

Flower petal designs 


In jeans, you can make a flower leaf design with fabric paint. If you do not want to make your jeans too colourful, then you can make flower leaves in jeans in white and pink colours. You can carry this type of jeans for a day party or a cool casual look.

  • On jeans, you can make rose flowers and leaves using red and green fabric paint. You can make this type of painting on the west line of jeans. Or you can draw this in the front or back pocket. 
  • You can also make floral designs in jeans by simply outlining them; you can make such designs in full jeans. 


Sandwash designs 

You can also do Sandwash painting. For this type of painting, you have to prepare the cutting of the art piece by drawing it on the cardboard and then you put it on your jeans and with the help of a brush, apply the colours to the outline of the cutting. 

  • You can tighten this type of painting on the thighs of jeans or the back pocket. 
  • You can also do this type of painting on the entire jeans by making small cuttings. 
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Sun-moon painting 

If your art is very good and you want to give a slightly cool look to your jeans, then you can also paint the sun-moon in different ways on the jeans for this. 

  • You can wear this type of jeans for any night party, day party or a fancy look. 
  • With this type of jeans, you should wear a top of solid colour. 
  • Along with this, you can also wear a crop top with such jeans. 

Hope you liked the creative ideas for recreating jeans. You too can try them out and make old jeans wearable again. 


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