Depression is not just a mental problem, its symptoms are also visible on the body


Depression is a mental illness that can occur at any age. There are many causes of this disease, including mental stress, social problems, family problems, genetics, and lifestyle factors. That is, the cause of depression can be different for every person,

Even though their symptoms largely overlap. Apart from all these causes of depression, there is another reason which is surprising and that is the deficiency of a particular vitamin in the body. Vitamin B12 is essential not only for protection against depression but also for many other important bodily functions.

Like making DNA for the manufacture of red blood cells to keep the body active maintain proper functioning of the digestive tract maintain proper functioning of the brain prevent inflammation in the body to increase attention to avoid burning hands and feet.


It is used to avoid muscle spasms and pain. Many important hormones and chemicals are produced in our brains. These include hormones and chemicals that control communication between the nervous system, from happy hormones, and sad hormones, to sad hormones.