Dental Hygiene Tips:-Teeth turn yellow due to these 7 foods, keep these things in mind while eating

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Our teeth do a lot of work not only for chewing food but are also a big part of our personality. If the teeth are yellow or black, then many times people get embarrassed. They are also not good in terms of hygiene. Many people choose the option of going to the dentist for teeth whitening, but it costs a lot of money. Bleaching their teeth with chemicals or spending a lot of money on their whitening is a habit of many people. But do you know that after all, what causes the colour of the teeth to be worse?

Apart from our lifestyle, the reason for this is also our eating habits. Many such foods work to stain our teeth and due to this not only do the teeth become yellow but in many cases black, brown and colourless also appear. 

Anjali Mukherjee, an expert dietitian who trains Miss India contestants, has given a list of foods that lead to teeth staining on her Instagram account. 

1. Black Coffee-

If you talk about the number 1 food that stains teeth, then the number of black coffee will come in it. Coffee is always bad for teeth. Along with this, black coffee also has advantages, but its disadvantages are also many. In such a situation, you should either stop drinking it or you should reduce drinking it. 

1. Tea- 

It may be that many of you do not like knowing this, but drinking regular tea also makes teeth shine. Avoid black tea and use green tea instead. Herbal tea is good for health anyway and there is a more healthy option. 

2. Red wine-

If you are one of those people who love to drink wine, then you might not like this information. Red wine causes rough spots and discolouration in the teeth. It also increases the blackness between the teeth. 

3. Cola-

Soft drinks, dark soda, and diet soda are not only bad for the stomach but are also bad for the teeth. Their colour is staining and due to this, they are bad for the teeth.  

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4.Gola and Slush- 

Drinks and foods that are too cold can increase tooth sensitivity as well as create the perfect environment for food colouring to affect teeth. In such a situation, the chances of getting a tooth stain can be more.  

5. Tobacco- 

You must have seen the mouth of those people who eat tobacco. It is largely responsible for staining the mouth and teeth. This can happen with any type of tobacco. People who smoke cigarettes may have a darkening of their teeth and lips.  

6. Soy Sauce- 

Soy sauce and other similar sauces added for flavour also act as teeth staining. Due to the black colour, its effect is more on the teeth.

 If you want to remove discolouration of teeth, then always avoid these foods. Clean the mouth after every meal; here it is not about brushing but rinsing. If you have any major problems related to teeth, then you must contact the doctor.


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