Dental Care: From bad breath to toothache... Know some Home remedies for oral health


DIY Tips For Oral Health: The mouth is like a doorway to our body. Whatever food and drink goes inside from here, it makes or deteriorates the health of our body. If we eat good things then our body will be healthy and unhealthy things will spoil our health. Just as you take care of the cleanliness of the main gate in your house, in the same way, oral hygiene has to be taken care of. So that there is no problem inside the body. Here you are being told home remedies to maintain oral health and hygiene...


Consumption of honey: To keep the mouth clean, gums healthy and teeth strong, take one spoonful of honey every morning and evening every day. Do not eat or drink anything for about 20 minutes after eating honey. By doing this, the problem of frequent thirst is relieved. Mouth remains healthy.

Ground sesame: If your teeth are teething, that is, there is a problem of tingling in the teeth, then you can grind sesame and apply its paste on the teeth. With this, you will soon get relief in the sensation. This paste of sesame is also very beneficial in the discomfort and toothache caused by moving the teeth. You can grind sesame seeds and use them to get relief from any of these problems.

Consumption of cloves: In case of burning sensation in the throat, bad breath or if your throat is very sensitive, put cloves in your mouth and keep sucking it like candy. You can do this for four to five hours and if you want, you can also sleep at night by putting cloves in the mouth and keeping them under the teeth or tongue.

Milk: You are feeling thirsty again and again and even after drinking water you are not getting relief. Or if your mouth remains dry all the time, then you should consume milk kept at normal temperature. If you have this problem in winter, you can drink warm milk. Although milk kept at room temperature i.e. neither cold nor hot, such milk gives immediate benefits.

Pure Desi Ghee of Cow: Blisters in the mouth, burning sensation in the mouth, severe burning sensation in the mouth after eating chili-spice food, apply cow's ghee in the mouth to get immediate relief in all these problems.


Warm water: Sometimes the mouth feels tied. It seems as if some dry thing has stuck in the mouth. In this condition, there is usually a problem of bad breath. To avoid both these problems, drink lukewarm water. You will get instant relief.