DIY to make plant pots: - Do not throw these 5 things out of the house, use them as a pot


From decorating the house to purifying the environment, many people nowadays like to plant plants. In such a situation, today we have brought for you 5 such things that you can use as a pot. We throw away some things present in the house as a waste, but in reality, these things are very useful. Be it an empty plastic bottle or torn shoes. You can save a lot of money by using it in some other way once it gets damaged. Let us tell you about 5 such things in the house that we throw away as waste but they can be used like pots. 

Plants Grown in Bad Shoes

Shoes wear out or tear after a time. After this people throw these shoes but this should not be done. By adding compost mixed soil to the torn shoes, you can use it as a pot. A shoe pot can be made and kept inside or outside the house. In such a situation, you can also use shoes as a pot for small plants. 


A great pot is made from a bottle

In the summer season, cold drinks are consumed in every household. You can make a pot by reusing an empty cold drink bottle. For this, you just have to cut the bottle in the middle. Throw away the top part and use the bottom part as a pot. Apart from this, the entire bottle can also be used as a pot by cutting the middle part of the bottle from one side. You can also colour them to make them beautiful. 

A coconut shell is also a good option 

After eating coconut, we throw away its shell. Instead of doing this, the half shell can also be used as a plant pot. A showpiece can also be made by hanging 5 to 6 coconut shells on a rope. Places like the gallery can be given a good look by planting saplings in a coconut shell. 

Make a flower pot from a box of food 


Nowadays food ordering is done in almost every household. What do you do with the box the food comes in? You can use the empty box as a pot. Whether you want to decorate the kitchen or the main entrance of the house, you can decorate it by planting plants in empty boxes. 

Empty bottle of cold drink

These days plants are grown in empty cans of cold drinks in many homes and hotels. You can also use it as a pot instead of throwing it away. For this, you just have to cut the middle part of the cold drink only from the top and after that, you can plant the plant by adding soil to it. 

Nothing in the house is wasted. In the future, instead of buying a pot, you can plant plants in the above-mentioned things. How did you like these tips? Do let us know in the comment section of Facebook. 

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