DIY Bag Making at Home: - Do not throw away the waste clothes kept in the house, make bags like this


How many clothes do we take every year and how many clothes do we throw away after getting old? But if we say that a bag can be made from the clothes available in the house? We often take away our meaning from the thing of our work and consider it useless and throw it away. It is wrong to do so. Nowadays everyone wears jeans but as soon as the jeans are old we throw them away. Bad jeans cannot be worn but can be used for other purposes. Today we will tell you the perfect way to use vest clothes. Let us know how a bag can be made using waste cloth.

What do you need to make a bag?

  • Plain cloth
  • Printed fabric
  • Needle thread
  • Scissors
  • Inch tape
  • Sewing machine

Make bags like this 

First of all, take any cloth of your choice and double them. After this, measure the length of the fabric by 15 inches and the width by 13 inches with the help of an inch tape. Now cut another cloth of the same size. By doing this you will have 2 pieces ready, one will be visible outside the bag and the other will remain inside the bag. After this, seal the outer piece from 3 sides and put the second piece inside the bag. Now you will start to understand the shape of the bag. After this, turn the bag upside down and trumpet it from the stuffing place. You can make the handle of the bag as per your wish. How thick and how big to keep them depends on your comfort. After the handle is sewn into the bag, you can cut out a shape from another printed fabric and apply it to the bag. Now your bag is ready. Nowadays, whether to go to the office or college, many people are using this bag. Whereas you can sew the bag by hand or by machine. 

Custom made bags

For what purpose you are making your bag, its size and the choice of fabric depend on this. If you are going to college, keep your bag size small. On the other hand, if you want to bring vegetables in this bag, then choose heavy cloth for the bag. Also, make the bag big so that all the vegetables can come in the bag. 

These types of bags are very much in trend these days. In any market, you will see such bags selling between Rs.300 to Rs.800. In such a situation, if we can make bags for free, then why not take advantage of it

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