Curry Leave: Curry leaves which are easily available in India, why are they not available abroad?


Curry Leaves: Indian food is incomplete without curry leaves. Be it South or North, you will find curry leaves in every corner of India. In South India, food is not fried without curry leaves. It is considered to enhance the taste and is good for health. The scientific name of curry leaves is Muraya koenigii. It is also called names like curry leaves, curry leaves and sweet neem. In English, it is also called curry leaf. Fresh curry leaves have a distinct fragrance. Let us tell you that curry leaves, which are easily available in India, are available abroad after a lot of struggle. Why curry leaves considered beneficial for health are not easily available abroad.


Why is curry leaves not easily available?
In this connection, we spoke to renowned chef and restaurant consultant Ananya Banerjee. He has told me about the reason for not getting Curry Leaves abroad. Chef Ananya Banerjee says that she has lived in countries like New York and Germany. It is very difficult to get fresh curry leaves there. He says that curry leaves are easily available in the Indian subcontinent. It is widely used in most Indian homes. But this is not the case in Europe or America. It is very difficult to get fresh curry leaves there. Chef Ananya says that dried or dehydrated curry leaves are available in Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Asian grocery stores abroad. At the same time, frozen curry leaves can be found in some shops.


Curry leaves are tasting
Renowned chef Ranveer Brar has also lived in America for about 14 years. During a TV show, he also told the reason for not getting curry leaves abroad. He told that first of all curry leaves are banned. Its reason is Infestation Prone. Apart from this, there is Microbial Testing of curry leaves coming to America. Curry leaves are sent to the shops only after the test is done in the lab.